16 March 2014

Week in Pictures # 1

So I see these posts around and think they're a great way to catch up on the week, especially when you're like me and you don't necessarily remember to update everyone as you go on the various social media sites. Sometimes I may just plain forget to share, so I'm going to try to do one of these posts each week.

Hopefully they might appeal to anyone who likes to have a nose at what everyone is up to, or give them ideas for places to go/things to do/try. I can also use it to keep track of what I have gotten up to!

It will also give me an excuse to try get a bit more active with Instagram, I've barely used it all. If you're not already following me, you can find me here.

So without further ado, my week in pictures...


Carmina Burana @ National Concert Hall                Sunny day in Dublin city centre


 George Orwell's 1984                         New accessories from @PinkSugarOnlineStore

Essie Polish - Bond with Whomever                                  Cocktail: Zombie

Mini Pixy Haul                                                              Wet n Wild Haul 

I was also at Des Bishop in the Draiocht on Thursday, but they don't allow photographs and the 6 nations was the highlight of the week for sure, but a picture would have only been of the television since I wasn't in Paris to see it!

Hope you had a good week, what did you get up to?


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