22 March 2014

Treat Yourself | Pamper Night In

So a couple of weeks ago as part of the #BOBBlogChallenge I'm taking part in for 8 weeks, we had to mention our favourite pamper product. Since I have never been once for the pampering, it was quite an empty post. So I decided to take it upon myself to change that and I had a little pamper session myself. So if you're looking for some ideas what to do yourself, keep on reading...

Firstly I started on my nails, I soaked them in some way soapy water to soften my cuticles and then I used Soap & Glory hand lotion. Next up was my base coat from Essie (I always put this on first, no matter what colour I'm doing my nails), then I chose the baby pink colour from Models Own new HyperGel range. I finished off with a top coat from Essie.

Next I cleansed with Clinique's Take the Day Off Balm, you can find a full overview of this magical product here.

Then it was onto the face mask, this one is from Montagne Jeunesse. I know Lush is very popular for face masks, but this was a bit of a last minute decision, so you can pick these one-time-packs anywhere (I actually got mine in the local supermarket). You just pop it on for 10-15 mins, it smelled nice and my skin felt quite refreshed afterwards, it was quite thick though. Definitely need to spend a couple of minutes getting it properly off the face. Any Lush fans reading this, please let me know your suggestions of which mask you prefer, as this is definitely on the list for my next trip into Lush.

The next step was Chanel's Hydra Beauty Serum, for which you can find out more about here. And I finally finished it off with No.7 Repair & Protect Moisturiser & the same brand in Eye Cream.

The final stage in my pamper routine was feet, I guess this particular pampering session focused on all my extremities, not that that was in intentional. I suffer from dry, cracked skin on my feet. I'm not saying it's glamorous and feet are a thing I really don't like, so I won't subject you to pictures. So to help with that I have been lashing on Aqua Minerals Nourishing Foot Cream, which has really been helping get my feet summer ready. Once I've been using it for a bit longer, I will do a proper review.

In the midst of all this of course I had a marathon of back-to-back shows, sure what better way to relax? This is probably quite a random selection of shows, but I tend to watch everything seasons at a time, so all different kinds of shows take my fancy from time to time. I have to say the hype is worth it, True Detective is shaping up to be the next big thing. Also back when it was originally aired, I hated Seinfeld, I never got into it. I think maybe perhaps the jokes were going over my head, as now I love it. I think it's hilarious, I'm up to season 7, if you haven't watched it yet, get a hold of some box sets, pronto!

Anyway I hope this post has given you some inspiration. Take the time to look after yourself, you deserve it!

20 March 2014

Best of Beauty Blog Challenge | Beauty Treatment

Ok this week (the penultimate edition) of Best of Beauty Blog Challenge looks at your Favourite Beauty Treatment, be it waxing, facial, massage, etc. In this instance, it was no contest for me, I definitely prefer a relaxing facial. There's nothing like it as far as I'm concerned. It's relaxing, it's rejuvenating, it brings your skin back to life. I don't know, I just feel properly looked after once I've had a facial. And there's usually a massage element in it for your face, neck, arms and sometimes even hands. It's just uber relaxing and you feel incredibly replenished afterwards (I promise all the alliteration isn't intentional).

As I have dehydrated skin, I love how soft and supple my skins feels after a good facial. This post along with the pamper products post, made me realise I do need to pamper myself a bit more. So I expect to book myself in somewhere in the coming weeks. Since I was really happy after getting my hair done at Burgundy Beauty, I may get something extra done with my next hair appointment.

I have actually done a recent DIY pampering evening myself, so I'll pop up a post about that tomorrow, be sure to check back! If you want to see everyone who is taking part, be sure to check out the post on Samantha's page over on All The Buzz.

So that really sums up my favourite treatment. What about you, what's your favourite treatment to have done at a salon?

16 March 2014

Week in Pictures # 1

So I see these posts around and think they're a great way to catch up on the week, especially when you're like me and you don't necessarily remember to update everyone as you go on the various social media sites. Sometimes I may just plain forget to share, so I'm going to try to do one of these posts each week.

Hopefully they might appeal to anyone who likes to have a nose at what everyone is up to, or give them ideas for places to go/things to do/try. I can also use it to keep track of what I have gotten up to!

It will also give me an excuse to try get a bit more active with Instagram, I've barely used it all. If you're not already following me, you can find me here.

So without further ado, my week in pictures...


Carmina Burana @ National Concert Hall                Sunny day in Dublin city centre


 George Orwell's 1984                         New accessories from @PinkSugarOnlineStore

Essie Polish - Bond with Whomever                                  Cocktail: Zombie

Mini Pixy Haul                                                              Wet n Wild Haul 

I was also at Des Bishop in the Draiocht on Thursday, but they don't allow photographs and the 6 nations was the highlight of the week for sure, but a picture would have only been of the television since I wasn't in Paris to see it!

Hope you had a good week, what did you get up to?

14 March 2014

BeautyBaggage Competition | Mega Lip Giveaway

Ok so I've been trying to think of a way I could say thanks to everyone who has supported me and my blogging endeavours. After some thought, I've decided to go with a Mega Lip Giveaway. So all the prizes are (as you've probably guessed) lip related. They're all products I have owned and loved, so I hope you will feel the same about them. So let's get straight to the point, one lucky winner can win:

  • 3 x MAC Lipsticks
  • 2 x Rimmel Apocalips Lip Lacquers
  • 2 x Bourjois Shine Edition Lipsticks
  • 1 x Lush Lip Balm
  • 1 x Lush Lip Scrub

That's over €100 worth of products for your lovely lips. You have all the products you need to look after your lips and make them fabulous. What's better, you'll notice I didn't mention any shades (or in the case of Lush, flavours), that's because the winner can choose ANY shades/flavours they want. So do you have any colours you wanted to try out, but have been too afraid or perhaps you just need a couple more colours to finish off your collection? Now's your chance!

Terms & Conditions
1. This competition is open internationally
2. Winner will get to choose the shade for each prize (I am happy to offer recommendations)
3. The closing date of the competition is Sunday 30th March 2014
4. The winner will be announced on BeautyBaggage Twitter & Facebook pages later that day, so make sure to check back.

To make it fair, I am using Rafflecopter. The more ways you enter, the better the chance you have of winning.

Good luck everyone!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

This giveaway is no way sponsored, or in connection with, any of the above brands

13 March 2014

Best of Beauty Blog Challenge | Budget Bargain

These weeks really are flying, week 6 of the challenge already? Hello again to any regulars and welcome to any new readers. This 8 week challenge was set up by the beautiful Sam over at All The Buzz.

So this week I had to pick one bargain buy, be it skincare or makeup. It will be interesting to see if this answer is the least original of them all. Since this product is incredibly hyped in the beauty blogging world (and for good reason). Without further ado, I present to you, Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer.

Apologies for not having a better photograph, I'm doing this week's post on the go! There isn't much I can say about this concealer that hasn't already been said. Other than literally, if you don't own it, change that. Honestly, you won't regret it. It's only €6.49 in Boots, that's certainly a budget bargain. I rank it up there beside my NARS creamy concealer, which is over 4 times the price.

You know what to do ladies....

What's your favourite concealer, do you own this one?

11 March 2014

The Tag of All Knowledge

Ok so I was tagged by the fabulous Cat over at Big Blonde Girl to do the Tag of All Knowledge the other week and I'm finally getting around to doing it. So lets jump straight in...

1. If you were a rockstar what items would you demand on your rider?
My realist answer would be comfy PJs, cosy slippers and a mega fast laptop. However since I'm now a rock star and thus am allowed to be a diva, I'm going to choose chilled sparkling elderflower water, white roses, peanut butter M&Ms and Lisa Eldridge (I figure if I'm going to be on the road all the time, she'd be the only one capable of making me look stage ready)! By the way, if you don't know who Lisa Eldridge is, you need to head on over here now!

2. If you could afford any designer piece, be it clothing, shoes or accessories, what would it be and how would you style it? If you can, post a picture.
Well I've always always always wanted a Michael Kors Rose Gold watch, so I plan on getting that as a gift to myself when I finish college this summer (for good this time I promise, I think 3 qualifications and 8 years later, I'm done with University)! So next on my list (and sure I may as well aim high) would definitely be a Chanel 2.55 handbag in black. I think it would look perfect with anything you might choose to wear on a night out. It's something you would have forever and would never go out of fashion (so really it's an investment more than anything)!
Photo courtesy of

3. What kind of teenager were you? Goth? Princess? Nerdy?
I was fairly run of the mill as far as teenagers go. I was pretty easy going, wasn't into anything goth-like. Since I had a part time job from age of 14, it excluded me from being a princess as I bought any bit and pieces I wanted with my own money. So I guess if I had to pick one it would be Nerdy. Mind you I wasn't particularly nerdy as a teenager (I'm WAY more of a nerd now - haha). But I kept my head down and just hung out with my own friends, didn't cause any hassle and sorted of just drifted through my teenage years without causing my parents too much heart ache!

4. This one is a bit morbid. If you could have any quote as your epitaph, what would it be and why?
Hmmm this is an interesting one, I had to think about it. I've decided on...

"Let love be the leading role in the tale of your life"

Just something simple, I think if we all showed more love to one another, we'd all be happier in the long-run.

5. What fictional character would you most like to have dinner with and why?
Walter White. I would be so scared no doubt, but it would be amazing to meet the man in person, try get inside that brain!

6. Tell me about your first ever makeup purchase.
I'm quite surprised I can actually still remember this, it was a peach/bronze coloured eye shadow. Just a single shade, it was either 17 or No.7 or Rimmel or some such. I remember I picked it up while out with my sister, I must have been about 11 or 12 at the time. I remember my mam was concerned, oh no she'll be living in makeup know and I don't think she was too happy with my sister. If I recall correctly I used it a couple of times and completely forgot about the whole thing and didn't properly start wearing makeup then until I was about 16. Again I think it was a birthday gift from my sister that got me started, Elizabeth Arden foundation was what began it all for me.

7. It's the year 2020, where do you hope to be in life?
Ok so 6 years from now? Hmmm let me think, I would possibly be married by then (well considering I'm in a relationship 8 years at this stage, just need to wait until we're both finished college and officially grown ups - haha). I would like to have some further experience working in a field I love, trying out a whole new sector since November of last year, so watch this space. Perhaps kids will be on the horizon by then too. Not sure I'll have had them yet, but I'm sure we'll be planning at least by then! Essentially hoping to be fulfilled in my home life as well as my career. I will definitely have gotten a lot of travel under my belt by then, that's for sure!

8. What is your drink of choice when you go out?
Well my hands down favourite drink is a Frozen Strawberry Daiquiri, but since you can rarely get a decent version in most places, my usual go to drink is Corona.

9. We all have a "Dirty Sexy Crush", so tell me, who is yours?
I don't know about dirty sexy, but I do have many a crush! The likes of Zachary Quinto, Chace Crawford, Ewan McGregor, Jake Gyllenhaal, etc. etc.

Ok so I'm supposed to tag 5 people, but instead I've decided if you're reading this, I tag YOU! Go on, you know you want to!

Make sure to put your link below, so I can see your responses...

08 March 2014

Best of Beauty Blog Challenge | Princess Product

Welcome to Week 5 of the #BOBBlogChallenge. Over the half way mark now, only 3 more weeks to. So another relatively short one this week as it only focuses on 1 high end product (whether makeup or skincare) that you would consider a princess product.

So if you saw my recent haul post, you will recognise this Chanel Hydra Beauty Serum. So I've been using it for about 3 weeks now and I'm in love!

After I've cleansed my face with Clinique Cleansing Balm, I put 2 pumps of this onto my face and let it soak in before applying my moisturiser. As the name would suggest it's for hydrating your skin, I have always said I have dry skin, but I've discovered it's quite possible I just have dehydrated skin. My skin has literally never felt so good, I don't have the same tightness or my makeup drying into my skin in patches anymore. This product has honestly changed my skin like no other has before.

Now as the title suggests, it is a princess product, so as far as serums go, it's pretty expensive. You can pick this up at a Chanel counter for €78. But I think it's worth every penny.

Have you ever used this serum?
Perhaps you have some great recommendations for a hydrating serum at a more affordable price?