24 June 2013

High End Foundation for Dry Skin

So I previously covered a high street (drug store) foundation that is perfect for dry skin, in this blog I'm looking at a high end variety, Bobbi Brown's Moisture Rich Foundation.

After seeing a lot of recommendations for Bobbi Brown foundations, I decided to give them a try myself. I picked this one up in Brown Thomas after consulting with the girl behind the counter and trying it out (which is what I love about buying at make-up counters, you can really try everything out first). In the end I went for the shade Porcelain (0) as I have quite pale skin.

The formula is very runny and I would definitely recommend applying this foundation with a brush as I imagine it would be difficult to apply using your fingers. I use the Real Techniques Expert Face Brush and I find it blends it in seamlessly. In my experience a little goes a long way and I can really use the smallest of amounts to get an even, beautiful finish. It is however build-able if you're looking for a little more coverage.

What I definitely love most about this foundation is how moisturising it is. As someone who suffers with normal to dry skin, it is difficult to find a foundation that doesn't ultimately accentuate my dry patches. My skin never feels dried out when I use this product. With a sweep of setting powder, I'm done. I would definitely recommend this foundation to anyone with dry skin.

Pros: Great for dry skin, SPF 15, good medium coverage,  build-able
Cons: In my opinion, the only one is, it is quite expensive (at €38)

What are some of your favourite foundations?

11 June 2013

Summer Series | Scent

Okay so the day I decide to start the Summer Series, the day the sun goes missing, but we'll trudge on nonetheless. Over the next few weeks I will be (amongst regular blog posts) releasing the Summer Series posts. Each one will focus on something summery, whether a make-up look, hair style or accessory, they will all be (in my humble opinion) complimentary to Summer!

So to begin with is this fragrance from Paul Smith, Extreme (for women). This is a 30ml bottle and the average retail price is approximately €28, however it is constantly on sale on numerous websites and you can often get it for as a low as €20.

First off the packaging is so colourful and fun, it's a perfect addition to your shelf to bring the summer to life. But what I love most about this fragrance is how light it is. While it is floral, it is quite a subtle scent and definitely not overpowering in the slightest. It is perfectly refreshing for this time of year (maybe even more so with the return of the poor weather, when we need to create our own Summer-time).

Paul Smith describes it as "amber and musk mix with sandalwood and cedar for sensual but feminine undertones". While I don't claim to have that refined a sense of smell, I would definitely find this fragrance to be gentle and feminine. I would definitely recommend it as an everyday perfume for Summer 2013.

Have you tried any of the Paul Smith range before, what do you think?

What are your favourite summer scents?

05 June 2013

Light Summer Foundation

Now that we're really getting some great sunshine out there, I thought I would talk about my go-to summertime foundation. It's perfect for summer days whether out on the beach (those couple of days a year when they're packed) or on a shopping trip with the girls. The foundation I am referring to is Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum.

Ok so while it is summer-time , I am still Irish and I am still rather pale. So I use the lighest colour available "51 - Vanille Clair". Which, when you are very pale, it's great they have such light shades as the last thing you want to do is have your face a few shades darker than the rest of you!

This product is available is available in a few places in Ireland, most notably Boots Pharmacy and is approximately €16 to buy. The reason this foundation is a great edition to your summer make-up collection is the finish. A fair warning, it is a low coverage foundation, however the liquid glides on your face and quickly blends in, leaving a soft, natural finish. I know for some higher coverage is important, but I think a low coverage is great for the summer months. It just evens out your skin tone and reduces redness, while leaving you looking very natural. If you pop on some of your favourite mascara, it's very minimal work for a great, fresh summer look.

While it is great for summer time, it is important to be aware there is no SPF in this foundation, so you will need to ensure to have SPF in your moisturiser/primer.

For those of you, like myself, who may suffer from blemishes, you can always make use of one of my May Favourites, Bourjois Healthy Mix Concealer. The concealer can just be used in any area you need a little extra attention (including under your eyes).

I have dry skin and I think it is great to fine a foundation that does not dry my skin out. I also find I do not necessarily need powder to set, however for someone with oilier skin, a translucent powder would still offer you the fresh "bare-faced" look.

There is however the disadvantage of this light airy foundation in that you won't get a full day and night out of one application. I find when I have had this product on for approx 8 or 9 hours and I am heading out that evening, I would need to top up as it doesn't have the strong lasting power of some it's higher end counterparts.

Pros for Summer: Natural, lighweight, low coverage, not too expensive, pale shades
Cons for Summer: No SPF, no longevity

Have you tried any Bourjois foundations, what do you think of them?
What are your favourite summer foundations?

03 June 2013

May Favourites

That month seemed to fly by, hard to believe the June bank holiday is now over. So below I have included some of my favourite products from the month of May.

I have only recently discovered essie nail varnish, but I am already in love. With a base coat and top coat, it lasted 5 days entirely chip free and it is a great summer pastel shade. While I know Apocalips lip lacquer's abilities have been well documented, I am really loving the shade Celestial this month. Unlike my Big Bang and Apocaliptic shades, I can wear this as an everyday colour. It brings some colour to my face for the somewhat sunnier weather we've been experiencing. Which brings to my other face favourite this month, the Bourjois Healthy Mix Concealer. I use this product in conjunction with my Real Techniques Detailer brush. I find a little really goes a long way and the detailer brush is perfect for allowing me complete control over how much product I use and allows me to blend beautifully. I have never owned a detailer brush, before now I always used my finger. However if you are someone who suffers from blemishes like myself, I would definitely recommend the investment.

In terms of eye shadow I am really enjoying my Inglot pallete which I received as a gift from a friend for my birthday. I am particularly liking the first two shades, gold and brown, for two toned eyes (you can tell by the packaging it is well loved).

Then moving on from make up, my favourite hair care product this month is Aussie 3 minute miracle, the frizz remedy. I don't use this product every day (as it is quite pricey for its size), rather I use it as a treat for my hair at weekends. I do I feel it has helped soften my hair, especially since it is blonde, I may try the Reconstructor variety next.

The last product to feature in my May favourites, is a skincare product from Clarins. I also received this a gift, but have only recently begun using it regularly. It is there Silky-Smooth body cream. Just as the name suggests it leaves your skin feeling silky smooth. I love how it glides onto the skin and doesn't leave an oily/sticky feel afterwards. It is especially great for dry spots around the elbows and knees!

This month's star product? essie nail lacquer

Do you use any of these products, how are you finding them?
What have been your favourite products from May 2013?

Products in this blog:
- essie nail lacquer (Spring 2013 collection) - bond with whomever
- Rimmel Apocalips Lip Lacquer - Celestial
- Bourjois Healthy Mix Concealer - 51 eclat clair
- Real Techniques Detailer Brush
- Inglot Eyeshadow - AMC Shine 34 (gold)
- Inglot Eyeshadow - 457 (brown)
- Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Deep Treatment - Frizz Remedy
- Clarins Eau Ressourçante Silky-Smooth Body Cream

02 June 2013

Review: Benefit peek-a-bright eyes

I am a really big fan of using different shades on my eyes to accentuate them. I like it when eyes are made to be the main feature of your face! As far as I'm concerned, they're built for it, who doesn't want all the focus on them?

So while I know this product isn't brand new, it's relatively new to my collection, so I thought I would review it. I thought it would be a perfect addition, as it has all the shadows I need to create a full look for my eyes!

As you can see I have made quite the dent and have used it quite a number of times, to really get a feel for the product. The set contains:

- eye bright (for the corner of your eyes)
- base shadow
- contour shadow (for the crease of your eyes and to use as a liner)
- highlight shadow (for the main colour of the eye)
- concealer brush (for the eye bright)
- contour brush/liner brush

In theory, this set is great, gives you all the basics you need and to be honest, while I prefer a gold/brown colour combo for this type of look, I was really drawn to the convenience of having everything (including brushes) in one place! Unfortunately however that is where my fascination ended. It goes on okay and is very easy to use and the brushes are fine for what you are doing. However the big problem is, it does not last. I am not even talking for the day, it does not last past a few hours.

The colours are very neutral and for a day time subtle look, that is perfect. You do not however want something that becomes too subtle, in that it fades over (such a short) time. I also found that the pigmentation of the shadows was not great. Overall I was very underwhelmed with this product from Benefit.

Pros: Convenient set, attractive packaging
Cons: It does not last, pigmentation is poor

In summary, would I re-purchase this product? Definitely not. It is not worth the money at all. I know plenty of lower end brands that last significantly longer than this and will revert to them in future.

Have you tried the peek-a-bright eyes set? Let me know know what you thought.

Have you any suggestions for an all-in-one eye set?