11 June 2013

Summer Series | Scent

Okay so the day I decide to start the Summer Series, the day the sun goes missing, but we'll trudge on nonetheless. Over the next few weeks I will be (amongst regular blog posts) releasing the Summer Series posts. Each one will focus on something summery, whether a make-up look, hair style or accessory, they will all be (in my humble opinion) complimentary to Summer!

So to begin with is this fragrance from Paul Smith, Extreme (for women). This is a 30ml bottle and the average retail price is approximately €28, however it is constantly on sale on numerous websites and you can often get it for as a low as €20.

First off the packaging is so colourful and fun, it's a perfect addition to your shelf to bring the summer to life. But what I love most about this fragrance is how light it is. While it is floral, it is quite a subtle scent and definitely not overpowering in the slightest. It is perfectly refreshing for this time of year (maybe even more so with the return of the poor weather, when we need to create our own Summer-time).

Paul Smith describes it as "amber and musk mix with sandalwood and cedar for sensual but feminine undertones". While I don't claim to have that refined a sense of smell, I would definitely find this fragrance to be gentle and feminine. I would definitely recommend it as an everyday perfume for Summer 2013.

Have you tried any of the Paul Smith range before, what do you think?

What are your favourite summer scents?

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