08 September 2014

Haul | Penneys Woollies

So I made a cheeky very quick little trip to Penneys and picked up a couple of winter warmers. There's nothing too crazy here, but for anyone who might be wondering what kind of options are out there at moment, it might give you some ideas.

This couple of woollies were not bought with any outfits ideas in mind, moreso just practical layers! I figure they will work with some lighter tops underneath with jeans. Layers are definitely important in the Autumn / Winter, especially since it's so cold outside, but with all the heating, it's so warm inside! They're also very handy to keep around the office, since where I work is an old Georgian building in city centre, so it can get very cold in the depths of Winter!

 Penneys, Taupe Cardigan, €12

Penneys, Cobalt Sweater, €6  

Penneys, Brown Cardigan, €17  

Penneys, Mustard Sweater, €6  

Penneys, Burgundy Cardigan, €12 

Hopefully you have some inspiration for some ideas about getting started with your winter wardrobe! This certainly isn't very comprehensive, but it's definitely a start as I begin the transition from Summer wardrobe to Autumn!

What pieces have you picked up for A/W 2014 so far?