02 May 2013

April Favourites - Hair Care

Summer is finally here, the sun is starting to make an appearance, yay! So I'm sharing with you my favourite hair products from April 2013.

I am only recently getting into using products on my hair, despite many many years of blow drying, bleaching and straightening it. I am finally giving it the love and attention it deserves!

Alberto V05 - High Volume Hair Spray - Extra Strong Hold
I think this hair spray is great for getting the achieved affect without being too heavy or clumpy in your hair. It holds a style in place without leaving too much product sitting on top of your hair. It also doesn't make your hair feel hard or give it that wet look. I find it allows me to create a very natural looking style that lasts.

Batiste - Dry Shampoo - Original
Dry Shampoo is a genius invention. It's great for a pick-me-up, when you want to re-style your hair or when your hair is looking a bit greasy. You can use it to volumise your hair to create a fuller look. At the end of a long day,  you can spritz it into your hair to allow you to re-style it. As I find over-handling your hair can make it look greasy, even if it's only freshly washed that morning. And of course when you're hair is looking a bit greasy and your stuck for time, it is a great alternative. I will usually try wash my hair every other day to allow the natural oils a chance to do their job! This is a great option for that middle day. If I have time, I leave it in for a few minutes before brushing through, but if time is of the essence, I will make sure to properly distribute it through my roots using my fingers.

TRESemm√©  - Styling Spray - Heat Defence
As someone who always blow drys and straightens their hair it is criminal that I have not been using a heat protection spray before now. Now that I've discovered TRESemmé Heat Defence Styling Spray I won't be looking back. I find once I've used my straightener now, my hair has a much softer finish. Even after the first use I found my hair looked healthier and less damaged. The ends don't look so dried out. I would definitely recommend this for anyone who using heated tools on their hair!

Star buy: TRESemmé Heat Defence Styling Spray

So what hair care products have you been using lately? 

Do you have any product suggestions for me?


  1. I've been looking for a good hair spray.. i might have to give it a try xx

    Gemma ♥ | Miss Makeup Magpie

  2. I love batiste, I never go anywhere without it!
    Great post!
    Carrie xxx

  3. We love all these products! especially batiste. Lovely post hun!keep it up

  4. I LOVE the dry shampoo and heat defence too :)


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