25 August 2014

#FestivalFun | General Tips & Hints

Ok to conclude my #FestivalFun series, I'll leave you with a few top tips to get the most out of your festival experience

- Do your Research!
Doing a little research in advance of a festival can make a world of difference when you get there. While not absolutely necessary, it can be nice to know your favourite acts stage times or what types of food options there are so you don't miss any. Otherwise it is possible to completely miss some niche activity that's happening. If you don't know to look out for it, you can often miss it altogether!

- Have fun!
Everyone has their own expectations and plans for a festival, so even though you might go with a group of friends, don't be afraid to head off on your own and immerse yourself in whatever interests you. Don't just go with the crowd!

Ferris Wheel, Electric Picnic 2012

- Stay hydrated!
Between all the singing, dancing and general sun exposure you'll probably need to consume more water than you usually do. If you're not a big fan of water, you can always bring a small bottle of cordial with you, so you can turn any boring bottle of water into something a little tastier.

- Protect your Skin!
Even if it's cloudy or doesn't seem too warm, you're going to be out in the sun for lengths of time. It's important to make sure you're protecting your skin from the sun's harmful rays. You can bring a bigger bottle for the tent (you can even co-ordinate to share with friends), but it's definitely no harm having a small travel bottle in your day bag too!

- Drink Responsibly!
While a lot of people drink at festivals and that is perfectly fine, know your limits. Have fun, try lots of different drinks, but be sure to drink sensibly. You're not in your usual surroundings, so you're more likely to get lost or disorientated with a few drinks. Keep up with water at the same time to make sure you're pacing yourself. Not only is good to keep hydrated anyway, but your head will thank you the following day. So you can straight back to dancing around the next morning!

Biergarten, Electric Picnic 2012

- Be safe!
Ensure to keep all your valuables on you at all times, a tent isn't exactly impenetrable. Don't leave anything of value behind. More importantly of course, make sure you yourself stay safe. All the usual rules apply for looking out for yourself and be sure to keep friends abreast of your plans so they will realise if you've been gone too long, etc. It's also helpful to have some pre-planned meeting points throughout the festival should you get separated or your phone battery dies, etc. Use food stall, flags, etc. for reference.

Body & Soul @ Electric Picnic 2012

- Find a good camping spot!
You want to make a few observations before setting up camp. While you want to be relatively close to everything, there are a couple of things you ought to be aware of. Do not set up too close to walkways or toilets as a basic rule of thumb. You run a higher risk of having your tent trampled on. You also don't want to camp too close to the periphery either, the male population will use the fencing as an over-sized urinal. Additionally while it can be handy to camp near some kind of reference point like a tree (so with a few drinks later on, the spot is easily identifiable), you want to be careful as yet again, this will become a popular urinal spot. So use your surroundings as a reference point for sure, but try be in the middle of other tents. This year I'm really looking forward to trying out eco-camping, there's no additional cost, but we along with our fellow eco campers have agreed to leave no trace behind, so it will be a nice change from the usual messiness we have to wake up to!

Andy Warhol Campsite, Electric Picnic 2011

So all that's left to do now guys is pack! Are you all ready to go? Do you have any final tips?

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  1. Great tips, we've gone to EP the past two years but didn't go this year cause of our new baba, to be honest after labour the last thing I could face for a while is a portaloo or sleeping in a tent!! But it's huge fun, hopefully we'll catch up on festival life next year!

    1. Oh I can completely understand. In full health it's a pretty horrific experience! You certainly enjoy plumbing and your bed after a weekend!