12 October 2013

Blogtober #11 | In the Spotlight: YouTubers

Another cheeky Blogtober post a little late... hello day 11! This my friends will definitely have to be a short one, a little look at some of my favourite YouTube Channels.

Fleur DeForce
Fleur is actually the person who got me properly into make up and taking note of what I'm actually putting on my face. Before she came along, whatever was closest to hand/cheapest was sufficient. She has completely revolutionised my approach to skincare, hair care and make up.

She also has a vlog channel as well as a channel where you could follow her wedding preparations, having just recently gotten married, she has released a highlights video:

In some round about way through Fleur, I found Zoe. Her posts focus more on hauls, favourites, etc. Not so much in the realm of tutorials, but her cheery attitude makes her videos appealing, and I certainly can't be the only one who thinks so considering she has over 2 million subscribers. She also has a vlog channel she updates from time to time. She also does tags and collaborations with lots of other YouTubers

In the non-beauty world, I follow the Shays, what a cute family. The Shaytards have been vlogging their daily family life for the last 5 years, they have four children with one more on the way.

Lisa Eldridge
Again one of the earlier channels on YouTube that I would have subscribed to. She has worked with some amazing people on some amazing sets over her career as a make-up artist, I treat anything she has to say as gospel when it comes to make-up. She has so many straight forward tutorials as well as video series to help you with everything from picking your foundation to how to look like celebrities.

Fine Bros
Lastly again from the non-beauty range, I am a long standing subscriber of the Fine Bros. They make so many different types of content on YouTube, but what originally drew me to the channel was Kids React to which has now expanded into the react series with Teens React, Elders React and now even YouTubers React

Who are some of your favourite YouTubers?

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  1. I love all of the above! Great choices :). Especially the Shaytards. If I'm not watching a beauty video, family vlogs are always fun to watch!