02 October 2013

Blogtober #2 | Seasonal Wear: Scarves

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One of my favourite things about Autumn is you can officially go back to wearing scarves every day. I don't have a huge scarf collection, but below I have included my current favourites. None of them are particularly expensive, they are from high street stores such as Vero Moda, Dunnes Stores, Bershka, Asos and the likes.

As you will see I have mostly neutral colours as not only are scarves practical, but they're great for adding a little something to a look. So with the more neutral colours, I find they go with more outfits. Consequently I have chosen to exclude any any of my black scarves, since I feel we can all do black with very little encouragement. In the Autumn/Winter I know we are all drawn to wearing darker colours, so scarves are a great way to bring a little brightness back into your look.


These three are my practical woolen scarves that offer proper warmth, especially the first one. It's so thick and long, it needs to be essentially snowing for me to wrap this one tightly around my neck. I love the scrunchy nature of the second one, it sits nicely around the neck. Finally the last one is to add a splash of colour to my look!


These two are somewhere in the realm of practical, but I feel they really complete any outfit in your Autumn collection. The essentially go with everything, the colours are basic, but their classics. These are the types of scarves that are a staple to any Autumn wardrobe.


These last scarves are definitely more the case of fashion of function. They will of course keep the wind off your neck, but their purpose is more as an accessory than warmth. I treat this style of scarf like more of a necklace. The type of scarf you leave on even when you get indoors. I hope this has inspired some of you for your Autumn/Winter looks.

What are some of your favourite types of scarves?
What is your absolute Autumn wardrobe staple?

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