24 October 2013

Blogtober #24 | Boots Haul

Welcome to Blogtober Day 24. This is the day where I publicly admit I have a problem. I am supposed to be saving to pay college fees and yet I couldn't resist passing boots without having a look inside, a look inside turns into ah sure I may as well pick up that one thing and that other thing until I've managed to spend about €70 in under 3 minutes. I can never find the clothes I'm looking for, but when it comes to beuaty/makeup, it's like an episode of SuperMarket Sweet (#throwbackthursday). In a very short amount of time I can really dash around and make a decent dent in my wallet. So I present to you today's window shopping exercise...

So as per my post a couple of days ago, I'm obsessed with Real Techniques brushes, so I figured I may as well finish the collection (be rude not to), coupled with some cotton pads (the only product I properly NEEDED in boots), two nail polishes from Barry M (perfect autumnal colours), yet another Apocalips lacquer from Rimmel and two eye liners from Rimmel. I am single-handedly keeping both Real Techniques and Rimmel in business. Someone help me...

What is your go-to impulse buy?
Have you picked up any great items lately (just to add to my list, you know yourself)?


  1. Sure we're all as bad, I can't even walk past a boots without getting something! I always get the boots cotton pads and I love the rt brushes too :)

  2. Hi I’ve nominated you for a Liebster-award here! Looking forward to seeing your answers!x

  3. So jealous of the real techniques brushes, one day I will finally cave and splash out on them!

    Please come check out my latest post if you have time :)

    Fragile Bird |



  4. The Real Techniques brushes sound great - they get such wonderful reviews, i keep meaning to try them! Such a nice haul, thanks for sharing! I'm the same when I go to Boots - I'm such an impulse shopper! :P

    Belle Morte Beauty