09 October 2013

Blogtober #8 | In the Spotlight: Irish Bloggers

So guys, yet another late post, welcome to Blogtober Day 8. For something a little different this post will focus on some other blogs I am following & I enjoy reading. You can never have enough blogs to read, so to follow on from the the great idea of I will mention below a few sites I follow that belong to fellow Irish bloggers. While I read plenty more, I just wanted to highlight a couple of them.

What Kate Healy Did
Kate really has a diverse range of products she reviews and I feel like when you go to her blog you really don't know what to expect next. I feel like she gives great reviews and her I often get a good chuckle out of her Twitter feed.
I like how user friendly her site is, there is a real modern feel to how she lays it all out. Design-wise I think it's really good (especially when compared to the more IT illiterate contribution I've made). I like how you her personality really comes through in her posts. Each one reads like that of a friend you can trust

Blushful Beauty
This is another blog I like due to the straight forward way in which she rights. I feel like she gets her point across quite succinctly without being too wordy (says the woman using the word succinctly). There is quite a range of topics she discussing and when she recommends something, I feel like it's an old pal suggesting it.

All The Buzz
I like this blog as it's not just beauty, but a combination of lifestyle & entertainment too. From posts on how to get the most out of your commute right up to inspiring woman of the week. She has such a great variety of topics that can appeal to all tastes.

Who are some of your favourite Irish bloggers?
Comment below with suggestions of who else you think I should be following...


  1. Thanks so much for including me you're very kind:)

    1. No problem. Thank you for all the tips and hints you've provided me with. Invaluable! I have a tendency to want to buy everything, so it's great to see all the reviews before I make a decision!